JYJ3’s Note: This is how a Japanese tabloid is reporting JYJ and SM settlement agreement and the future JYJ’s activities in Japan. It’s not the first time these tabloids share bad press about JYJ
Please remind that we have a schedule of Avex and C-JeS Entertainment Court Judgement on January 18th, Link
To the people that follow the Japanese Lawsuit, AVEX have pointed the exclusive contract of SM and JYJ as a reason why JYJ is unable to hold activities in Japan, but with the recent news of SM releasing JYJ of any exclusive contract, we think AVEX is running out of arguments to defend their position. Hopefully things will improve in Japan despite what it says on this article.

On 28th Nov, the 3 members of Korean Idol Group JYJ and its former agency SM Entertainment (“SM”) reached court settlement in Korea on the dispute of exclusive agency contracts.

Jaejoong (26), Yuchun…

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